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What Is The Connection
- By Fred Field

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 People often ignore our whole very existence of the conception of life itself as it is easier to disregard it than try to understand the complexity of same. The real problem we all have with our origins is basically our interpretation of events as they occur. This has always been clouded by what we have been taught and what powers of authority want you to        know ; a sort of watered down form of Communism and if you take to a stage further it becomes an instrument to keep ones intelligence in a frame work of nice tidy corridors; that way the establishment is in full control of the masses which will ensure change will come only with great difficulty and much muttering from the peasants in cobblestone lane. To unravel  the myths from reality is very difficult indeed as life in its very existence is so complex that we perceive that we just appeared  out of thin air; now we donít want to question anything about evolution as that immediately puts us off side with you know who ;GOD that bloke who resides up stairs. 3000 years ago give a day or 2 the masses were getting one might say cheeky and asking dumb questions; answer ? quite simple create more gods; they were on special at the time; 2 shekels and a sacrificial goat got you a pretty good god with a basket full stones and hieroglyphs carefully chiseled out on how to make your god work and to get the tills working [less VAT]. Any reproach against god would bring swift reprisals; lashings and interest on their mortgage raised to 99%. Regrettably the word evolution wasnít allowed to be spoken until the nineteenth century when Darwin approached the Arch Bishop of Canterbury   to have the word reinstated to substantiate his new theory; the bishop was blind drunk at the time on elderberry wine and thought he said revolution so Charlie played a blinder and sped out of the vestry     and as they say the rest is now historyí Now letís go back to beginning as we know it. The arrival of water by and when; the jury is still out on that matter; is vital as it is a precursor to primitive plant life progression by forming partnerships such as algae and lichens[fungi] the algae provides energy from the sun and the fungi provides mineral food and proper shelter so a partnership is formedí Oxygen whilst not a player at this point it is  certainly there in the medium  of water so extrapolation of oxygen is more than possible to be converted into carbohydrates; carbon dioxide doesnít really play any  role at this  point and toxicity abounds a plenty. As algae has its origins as a single cell we now bring in the third player  archaic bacteria which has the ability to mutate  cells which in turns primitive plants into multicellar ones like  the kelp family. The brown kelp family discarded the reliance of photosynthesis as with the movement of water; nutrient high in mineral content allowed vigorous plant development Ď.   This also allowed the kelps to venture into deeper waters and flourish.   Also at this  point of time fungi were evolving, just as well , the need to decompose defunct plant life was just as important as producing it;   recycling  had begun, humus to excite new life. Bacteria who also multiply thru cell division now advance to sexual reproduction; these combinations are complex as they now become dependent of each other in a rather hostile environment as things improve it will lead to evolution over a period with stems and another 30 million years before plants produced leaves.                    

Looking at life is full of complexities but the word perspective is often lacking in the most fundamental way. It is hard to understand what we can actually see let alone the complexities of a living cell where molecules are being synthesized at the rate of 100 per second, the staggering information stored in 1 cell could take one scientist 100 years to sort thru without the aid of a computer , I wonít say thank god for this quantum leap the computer has done to our lives but billy gates and his team of merry men, men and women who can give us a glimpse of  the things we could never see or understand  before, so we are only 1 step away from delving deep into the bowels  of molecules  the very foundation of life itself.   Full steam ahead I say and to give those clever people out there heaps of money to get to the nub of the matter and we all become so rich from same.            Any way letís get back to this conundrum of the beginning of any sign of life which is the assumption also that the environment is hostile to say the least and one tends to gyrate to a set of known factors such as the partnership of algae and lichens [fungi]; the algae provides energy from sunlight and the fungi provides mineral food and some form of shelter; so a mutual partnership is formed. As algae was originally made up of a single cells at some point mutation takes place ;this can be caused by archaic bacteria which we know were present or some change in the environment  which led to multi cellar types such as the kelp family [the brown types such as bull kelp doesnít have green algae to feed itself it relies on mineral content of moving sea water near foreshores; this is further enriched from fresh water washing over soil and stones] So we have 2 completely different organisms living together mutually aiding each over and producing new and strange forms of life beyond the


 capacity of them as individuals because genetically they share DNA not so we assume bacteria but the similarity  of multiplying by cell division doesnít mean it is related as some bacteria advance to sexual  reproduction but collectively they not only rely on each other they become dependent on each other; Change will be slow as the hostile environment will evident for some time and 1 important factor we cannot put a time factor on the salinity of the sea it is too complex chemically  to even guess this factor however the chemical change would influence the genetic engineering of all cell structures; Oxygen we know 2 billion years ago was in  short supply on the land but water fresh or otherwise was plentiful  so there was plenty of oxygen locked up in the form of water which always begs the question of did these primitive organisms find a way of extrapolating oxygen out of water; probably yes; and their very survival for the next 15000 million years before the first stems of plants appear and another 30 million years before the leaves appeared and as we all know production of free oxygen had arrived but the staggering fact that most of us will never get their head around is or donít want to get their head around is from all these organisms; we have inherited their DNA and with mycelium we share 50% of their DNA and its 500 million years gap that still mystifies humans as to our own origins; but science will win in the end but always remember we all have only a tiny amount of time to learn and appreciate the wonderful aspects of the living  world of all organisms on this planet; not just ourselves

                                              Evolution of Animals.

To myself this is far more simplified than the evolution of plants; insects mutated from plants ; probable or improbable that is the question; next step was to move into water or to evolve from plant life already existing In water ; and if we do an assessment on what organisisms actually were present we know it was fairly sparse; but something did change and mobility became a requisite to expand the horizons of the next life forms and at this point one precursor is required and that is oxygen; [just remember plants had sussed this out much earlier] and micro organisms dealt with it; fish dealt with it with pulsating arteries;[they had no hearts] mollusces were different they pumped water through not only to extract oxygen but to take up nutrient; so they developed bivalve systems and one could only wonder how much that simple pump could play a role in the entire future of all animals; by taking in oxygen and pumping around our bodies in the form of blood. With all this early form of life the other common denominator other than oxygen; is sustenance and if we look at say jelly fish; they trailed tentacles but also floated on the water and the only gain would have been some form of photosynthesis to either brake down nutrients or to produce same; it would have been pretty safe from predators as they had not arrived at this point and were fairly toxic and it certainly worked because they are still around without much change. Organisisims only change if threatened or the environment changes; and most of these changes donít take place months or years its100s of thousands of years or more which makes it harder to understand because we have the inability to compress time and cannot comprehend our own recent evolution or in a lot of us donít want to

know as it messes up the god theory; much safer to keep singing praises and muttering things are a mess why doesnít he come and tidy things upĒ

So on we trudge to say 350 million years ago that oxygen was now in plentiful supply that organisms hauled themselves out of the sea water and it usually gets down to  a lot of mitigating factors such as a large contingencies of new predators; ice ages; which is driven by a basic instinct to survive and if that means readapting so be it and it can only succeed by accumulated knowledge ;something plants have that advantage over everything else around of us; they have that knowledge on adaptation and survival because they have been here a very long time; which is just as well as our very existence impinges on them. 

One of the greatest myths is probably that life is an allusion and that reality lies invisible elsewhere but to my mind it should be the other way round; life is so vast; it is all around us; under our feet and this is just what we can see; the other 99.9% we cannot see because it is inaccessible or so minute we canít see it but whether you like it or donít understand it we are all genetically connected to each other; our DNA proves that.                                                          


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