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Do We Rely On Water Too Much?
- By Fred Field

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(some time feb. 2017)

We often talk about the necessity of life needing water; animals drink great amounts ; blokes need water in their single malts after a hard days yakka; but there is always a but its not quite true when it comes to micro oganisiums and the term we use is anhydrbiosis which is life with out water; some scientists call it cryptobiosis which means the same but distinguists the scientist that is working on it not the original bloke I think was Antoie van leeuwenhoek who first discovered this little observation; strange that we remember Van Leeuwenhoek more for his microscopes than his discoveries any way we are referring to are tardigrades rotifers and nematodes which live in microenvironments such as damp moss or lichens [lichens are one of my favorite topics as it is a good base to hone into because of the other big 2 algae and archaic bacteria; that extraordinary conciliatory arrangement between 3 different organisiums around a billion years ago and most things that evolved from them are extinct but those 3 are still here””””]I do digress but allow me to continue back to the damp moss etc when the water evaporates the animals dehydrate and can persist in a dry state not just months but years until favorable conditions for active life returns.

      Now plants or should I say most plants also have a similar strategy of shutting down until the sun shines again sort of speak or the water returns; they have a much higher perception of coming events such as severe droughts and prepare accordingly by storing water then walling off fine hair feeder roots thus also withdrawing all carbohydrates from the leaves and storing in the branches for better times off course this wouldn’t apply small annual plants they would have to rely on seed reproducing systems; but trees have developed a intelligence over 400 million years to over come so many environmental challengers let alone the invasion of marauding insects and animals whom they  incidentally quickly put to their advantage but all of this would have been stored knowledge which became genetic information passed on generation to generation not to be confused as to the perfunctory action of helix which only gives genetic instruction on cell production; processing of protein and other complex things not fully understood but that’s where we differ; when we die that accumulated knowledge goes with us and the next generation has to be taught  and read what has been written  but to be fair most animals have built in instincts on certain matters and natural experience builds on that which begs the question of how plants pass on a vast amount of knowledge to deal with any situation we have already established that information from trees is transmitted through their roots into mycelium and back to roots of new generations of trees so this is a distinct way that mycelium is acting as a sort of medium which could explain that when the tree dies the knowledge is now stored and then passed back and the reward is mycelium gobbles up the tree and every body tucks in  .Okay I hear you saying hard to imagine but science is advancing much quicker and can solve riddles through advanced technology not like the 19th century when science was a dangerous occupation and ones like Cavendish; Magrane and Wilson were barking mad didn’t advance the science world much; and if we have lunatics in the world who believe the world is flat that will only impede further progress and scientists should put their energies into solving how to understand life on this planet before we bugger it up than theorizing about moving to some other place 45 light years away because there is absolutely no correlation as to how the  universe was formed to how everything through evolution un folded on this chunk of dirt and for those who are unfortunate enough to try and digest any of this don’t send me emails enquiring have I heard of god??you will be sent a load of the finest dairy herd excrement and pumped down your chimney those with just heat pumps just on your lawn”””””” but back to water which we all take for granted;so lets experiment with this liquid which is 2parts hydrogen;1part oxygen;stage one take200mils and heat to 75deg celcius;  add teaspoon of coffee 2teaspoons sugar;50 mls of milk;a cream bun ;sit down and enjoy; nothing unusual about that; but just a minute there is a common factor every thing is made up of 80% of water or has or has been produced by copious amounts of water the same as our bodies; lucky for us over a billion years or more; we still have the same today as then ;but there is always a but if we removed all the  vegetation and life that is made up of stored water; plus make the world sort of flat again; eliminating snow and ice; push  Antarctica back up to gonwanna land ensuring 75% of the fresh water was now back in the sea; it is fair to say the planet would have covered by at least 80% as to the volume of water on earth; we really have no idea what is hidden way below the surface; but it sure as hell is a vital precious commodity; its atomic make up might seem very simple but its original formation is extremely complex like most atomic structures we do understand their formation because of the reaction when placed together [nuclear infusion] but taken singularly as to their origins is a completely different jig saw; So always treat [not with other chemicals] water as the most sacred thing on the planet. 



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